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Some Easy Remedies For Treating Sprained Ankles

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Sprain is an easy way to explain that your foot muscle has been torn or overstretched. This happens when the joints get twisted; it injures the ligaments which adjoins the bones in the joints. One can get their ankle sprained when walking or running on improper or uneven grounds, wearing shoes that are high-heeled and excessively lifting heavy weights. It may also occur due to accidents. Some of the common symptoms are bruising, swelling, pain, and even constrained range of motion.

A few effective remedies for sprained ankle:

• Visiting a specialist for severe ankle related condition

A sprain could be a mild or even a severe one. Even though a few sprains can heal through home remedies, there are a few severe ones, which require immediate medical attention. In such a case it will be necessary for you to attend a sports podiatrist in Sydney.

A sports podiatrist is a learned expert and someone who is specialized in the area of foot-related problems. The issues include muscle injuries, blisters, callus, which is a nil and skin related problem, joints and ligaments, tendon, fungal infections, ingrown toenails and systemic disease which manifest itself in the foot. If any patient encounters a severe lower leg or foot issue, it is essential for them to attend a medical care expert as he will provide one with the best advice and treatment approach.

• Using ice

When you encounter a sprained ankle issue, you must immediately apply ice to the affected area. This will help to lessen inflammation, pain and even swelling. Through ice ligaments remain in a less inflamed state as well as stop any kind of bleeding which may occur due to torn ligament. Make sure that within the first 48 to 72 hours, ice is applied to the area which has been affected. All that you have to do is wrap ice cubes in a towel. Then apply and compress it in the area that is injured for about 20 minutes. In every two to three hours, make sure that you keep repeating the process.

Always remember to never get the skin come in contact with the ice directly. This will be harmful for the skin.

• Compression

To reduce or stop swelling, bandage or compress the sprained ankle quickly after one has been affected with injury. This will help to manage or lessen pain as well helps to thwart the injury from escalating. If you want to apply compression, you can use a tape, bandages, elastic or even special boots.

• Turmeric

This spice is commonly available everywhere and it works as a remarkable reliever of pain. It is also anti-spasmodic in nature and works efficiently towards calming down the muscles, joints and tissues. It works wonderfully towards reducing pain and swelling.