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Problems That Affect Our Spine

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Our backbone or spine is an essential part of our body. It helps us to stand upright. It plays an important part in human body. But this spine or back is not resistant to problems. While some problems appear due to wrong posture or injury some are really dangerous. There are many kinds of conditions that affect our back. But as normal human being we have really less knowledge about these conditions. Due to this lack of knowledge we keep on neglecting some warnings which results in huge health problems. There are also remedies for these problems. But it is important to know the problems first.

Different conditions:

There are basically five types of spine conditions that affect us and these are spinal deformity conditions, neoplastic spine conditions, infectious spine conditions, traumatic spine conditions and degenerative spine conditions. All these conditions have their own kind of symptoms and treatment and only a back specialist Sydney can help you with it. Spinal deformity happens when there is an unusual curvature in the spine. These curvatures are mostly non progressive. But the deformity can cause pain that get worse with passing time. Surgery, spine therapy and bracing by a back surgeon or a specialist are the options for treating spine deformity.

Neoplastic spine conditions:

This condition involves cancerous or benign tumor in the spinal area. This mostly happens in the spinal cord or vertebrae. Often, these tumors cause nerves to get compressed and even damaged resulting in nervous problems and even paralysis. The treatment includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

Infectious spinal conditions:

Spinal infections are caused from fungal or bacterial growth or after a surgery. There are quite a few reasons that can increase the chances of infections. These are diabetes, immune suppression, poor nutrition and cancer. Meningitis, spinal epidural abscess, discitis and vertebral osteomyelitis can happen due to the spinal infections. In most cases, it is treated with medicines while in certain cases surgery is necessary.

Traumatic spinal condition:

This spine condition can happen due to any injury, fall, and impact of an accident or due to diseases, like osteoarthritis. In some cases it leads to spinal deformity. The treatment depends on the severity of the condition.