Western medicine can only do so much with infertility. Women are looking for ways to get pregnant, especially if they are rearing to have a big family or some of them just want to have a child. Infertility can have a lot of reasons. It can be structural reasons which only the western medicine can fix but other than that, classical and antique prescription can help.

Fertility acupuncture is a procedure where an Acupuncturist aligns the energy of the body with the use of needles. The energy is called Qi. It helps in the blood flow of a person and redirects any energy that is focusing on one part of the body to the other parts of the body that needs the oxygen and nutrients. There are needle points that help the blood flow to go to the reproductive system to help oxygenate that part of the body.

How does it work?

For many doctors, having IVF is usually the answer to infertility. Invetro-fertilization does not have 100% success rate. There are still couples that would need to try two or three times before they can get pregnant. The problem is that is very expensive, although there are insurances that can shoulder the price of it. There are medical doctors that suggest couples to try fertility acupuncture. They have more success rate with getting pregnant. There are doctors that would suggest having acupuncture with IVF. These will thinner the lines of failing the impregnation. Many women fail the IVF because their uterine membrane is thin and cannot hold the embryo that causes the miscarriage. With acupuncture, the blood flow is directed to the reproductive system like the uterus to give nutrients to it and help the linings thicken and prepares it to hold to the embryo that is there or will be implanted there. This is one way of how the acupuncture helps. The brain is also an organ where acupuncture is helping to be oxygenated because there are studies that when there is a flow of endorphin or what they call the “happy hormone” it is easier for the body to adjust and have the getting pregnant stage faster.

When does it fail?

There are only a few times when acupuncture fail this is because it is natural and if fails, it means that there are other reasons why it failed, for example, there is physical defect on the reproductive system and can only be dealt with operation to fix it. Acupuncture is safe, but the points that are used to make the woman get fertile can also make the woman miscarriage. This is why you must tell your acupuncturist is you are pregnant or have a hint that you are.