When you think you are running out of tops and pants to wear, before you go on another shopping spree try implementing some of the following tips and tricks to restructure your office fashion to make it seem as if you bought a whole new wardrobe.

● Change your makeup or hairdo

Changing your usual makeup or your usual style of hair can actually make a difference more than going in with a new set of clothes. People tend to pay attention to the basic things that are eye catching so unless you are wearing something that is of bright colours or eye popping patterns then your work clothes will go unnoticed. But a hairstyle and makeup is usually something people tend to notice as they are something people tend to use to recognize your face (consciously or subconsciously so when you go for that breast augmentation in Sydney it might go unnoticed for a while if you go with a different hairdo).● Change up your usual colour palette

If you have a regular color palette that you like to use (black pants with every top, blue pants with blue top and so on) then changing it will also give noticeable results rather than going shopping again(you will have to do shopping if you ended up doing something drastic like breast augmentation). So when you pick the same set of clothes you use to wear as a pair then change up the pants or the shirt with a different style or colour. The fashion police at the office will notice immediately that you are wearing something different. Check this out if you are looking for the best cosmetic surgeons. 

● Go for different shoes

Instead of going to buy a whole wardrobe, it is better to change up your shoes. Go for second hand and different coloured ones. Sometimes wearing bright coloured shoes will take attention away from your clothes. So show off your legs by going for attention grabbing shoes (in colour only; your superiors won’t be happy with weird shaped shoes no matter how awesome looking they are).

● Try ankle pants

One of the newest trends coming into the office wear fashion are the ankle pants. So if you have some short pants sitting around you should do your best to make tailor them to fit your figure and then wear them proudly to work. Ankle pants with heels are the new thing for office fashion for women.

Get some tips from your friends and try to integrate their usually style to yours to start up a new way to dress to work instead of spending all that money on buying new clothing.