Smile Is The Best Makeup One Can Wear

You may have come across people saying that smile is the best makeup one can wear and it stays true at all times as a smile creates magic. Have you ever tried smiling and nodding to strangers? Then probably you should try it one day and see the amazing responses you’ll get by them. Some will be surprised, some will be confused since they don’t know you, and some will smile right away and try to recall if they’ve forgotten a known face, some might not smile at all and walk away from you thinking that you are being absolutely bizarre.

Those responses will describe each person to a certain extent as the mentality of each one of them is what contributes them to perceive the action of someone smiling with them and equally respond back. Even after seeing so many people say that smiling is good, you might still be one of them who don’t attempt to show a glow on your face. If you have watched a series of challenges and workshops that beauty contestants go through, then you know the very first thing they learn is to smile bright to the right amount. Such contestants will smile to mirrors in choosing their best smile, get any crooked points in the mouth fixed or even look into teeth whitening to give the audience a glowing look with confidence. If you are still thinking why smiling is that important, let’s get into 3 main why points to it.

1)      Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Have you noticed that your heart beats faster; pulses feel high and you feel impatient when you are stressed out? The same way have you felt how your body feels when you are happy? When you are stressed, some eat chocolate, some watch movies, some play games and everything tends to direct you to take your mind away from stress to happiness. Smiling can do this magic instantly.

2)      Closeness and Trust Tie

Employees who welcome their clients with a big warm smile create a sense of closeness instantly which makes it easier for the customer to approach them and get their work done. If the person at customer support or registration counter has a frowning look on the face, it only creates a sense of negative vibes. The models who are attractive and smile confidently with the audience are usually the ones to get picked on as it creates a link of trustworthiness between the parties. To own the best smile, you must have flawless teeth, have no yellowish flossy look on them and speaking of it, some people get yellowness without brushing well and some have it by birth. If you are in the second category then you probably will have to go for cheap dentist in Melbourne CBD and make eyes speak on your smile.

3)      Boost up the Brain

When you smile more often, it gives the brain a message to hold a happy loop in it. This will boost up your brain by creating a positive thinking pattern to it. The more you smile the more your brain retains the energy to grow.

It’s probably the only way one can make another person happy without spending a single penny. Now you know why you should be smiling more often but after all, smiles are free! So, why not do it?