Today the world has many problems and one of the problems in countries like China and India is the problem of Population Explosion. Every married couple enjoys sex as they want to have a child who will take care of them at their old age. But China has made a policy to overcome the problem of population explosion. In China, any family can have a single child. So how can these Chinese people enjoy sex? Generally every problem has a solution and the solution for these Chinese people isCondom..Yes, Chinese people enjoy sex by making use of Condom.

Now India comes next to China in the race of population, but there is no such policy in India like China that a family can have a single child. So Indian enjoys sex without any tension, but it is difficult to manage with more children, so what?? Shall Indians leave sex after getting 2 or 3 children? No, not at all, a man still enjoys sex with his wife without any tension of pregnancy of his wife. How? It is again a boon of Condom.

Well let’s come out of the family. There are many couples who do not have a relation of husband or wife between them but as a girl friend-boy friend, they also enjoy sex together, but a girlfriend cannot take the risk of being pregnant for her boyfriend, again they use condom. Not only once, but every time they have sexual contact between them, they make use of condoms online NZ.

The condoms are available at medical shops near to your home. These are available in various verities and available at affordable cost. The cost increases with the quality of condoms. The simple condoms costs very less but if you want to impress the girl or lady, you can use the flavored condoms, these may cost a little more, but impresses the girl. The strawberry, the chocolate, the Black current and many more flavored condoms are available at the medical shops as per the choices of your partner. Visit this page for further information about NZ pharmacy.

That was to impress your girlfriend or wife, but what if you want to increase your own enjoyment? There is a solution to this also, you can use the condoms with extra dots i.e the dotted condoms. That will give enjoyment to both the lady as well as the man. Condoms with personal lubricantsare also available. It gives more amount of pleasure while enjoying sex.Personal lubricating oils are also available in the market that gives immense pleasure during sex.

Well that’s all about enjoyment, Condom also helps in protection from sexually transmitted disease like HIV AIDS. It’s a disease that will take the patient’s life for sure. So the condom again plays an important role here to save life. Human life is a boon and no one wants to die at early age by making such a mistake that could have be avoided. So it is better to enjoy sex with an un known partner using precautions, so always use condom in such circumstances.Use Condom and have a happy and joyful life.