When children get an idea that they are going to visit a doctor, they usually get worried. Even when they are going to a primary care doctor for a routine checkup, they fear to visit. Some children speak out their fear or reason for not visiting a doctor, but some cannot. Below are few points describing How to help children to express their fear and overcome?

• The unknown: Kids always think that medical problems are worse than their parents tell them. Some children who need simple treatment from doctors in Melbourne CBD fears to get surgery or hospitalization and some who are ill worry like as they may die.

• The behavior of the doctor: Kids are soft-hearted, and some hospital leave a harsh behavior in kids mind which makes them fear to visit their place again.

• Separation: Children usually have a fear that their parents may leave them alone in the checkup and wait in another room. Kids under seven years old seem to fear during the mysterious examination which can turn into frightening till the age of 12 and 13.

• Pain: Children usually worry about getting hurt during checkup or examination. They especially fear of getting injected. It’s usually seen in kids aged from 6 to 12.

Children often feel themselves guilty as they believe that they had done something wrong in their life for which they are getting punished. They think these medical examinations as a part of their punishment.

How to help your kid to express their fear

Try to encourage kids to express whatever they think about the medical examination. This act will reduce their fear by sharing with parents. Parents should address them in those words which they can understand easily.

Explain the main reason to visit

If kids need to have regular checkup visit, then parents should explain that it’s a simple child visit in which doctor will ask how you are growing and ask few questions about your health. If any kid has to visit for diagnose, for that presents need to tell him that the doctor has found a method to fix your health problem and want to make you healthy soon.

Parents should not surprise their kid for a medical checkup rather should inform them before time so that they can get prepare for their checkup mentally. While explaining about the visit, the parent must tell positive points about the doctor which will help to make the healthy relationship between the kid and the doctor.

Kids should be informed well about the happenings in the medical checkup so that they can be calm as they know the procedure. It will help them to remove fear completely and once they realize its importance then kids will simply go for a visit.