For both men and women bones play a very vital role from the early age. If you have calcium daily then your bones will become stronger – that is what we have learnt during our childhood days. You have to take care of your body so that it takes cares of you when you are old. Bones are prone to quick fracture if proper care is not taken of the same. As and when you grow in age the bones start becoming fragile. With the advancement of age, one has to be extra cautious and one has to know that you have to give proper food to your bones.

In case of advance problem, arthritis surgery may be needed. There are many bone related problems where medicines do not work, at these times you have to go ahead and treat yourself with a surgery or an operation which is required. If you are a woman and reading this, then ensure you take more care than all the counterparts in your family. It is said the structure of women bone is such that it tends to become fragile much quickly than the males. Thus, having proper diet and including proper amount of calcium in the diet will help you to take care of your bones form an early age.

If you look at the numbers of knee replacement Melbourne services you will understand that the cases are very high. This is because people do not take care of the diet from an initial stage. If in the initial stage the diet is maintained then the bones do not become fragile easily. Proper exercises and also proper diet will lead to the healthy bones. In case you find any kind of weakness in the hip area or any joint and you feel a pain then you have to show a doctor soon.There are different kinds of hip fractures and particular remedies for the same. Below mentioned are the some of the remedies.

Intracapsular fracture

In this type of fracture, the break in the bone happens below the ball or in the neck of the femur bone. In these cases, surgery is what is suggested. Thus when you have this kind of fracture the replacement surgery has to take place sooner or later to return to normal life.

Intertrochanteric Fracture

Here in the hip the break of the bone takes place between the greater trochanter and lesser trochanter. Here also the surgery takes place and the same is repaired through putting screws in the bone.

Sub-trochanteric Fracture

In this case, the break in the bone occurs below the lesser trochanter and also much below the femur bone. Same as in other two above cases, surgery is the only way out to be medically fit.

These are the types of fractures which are mentioned above and the treatment for the same.