Modern medicine is based on English medicine and it should be noted that it widely makes use of chemicals and drugs to heal any problem. However, there are several other fields in medicine that people do not really know about that can help them from the huge medical bills, medicines and its side effects. They make use of other natural remedies or basic solutions instead of jumping to medicines to help the individual. Here are few examples of medical fields that indulge in other forms of ailments before going into English medicine.


Chiropodist or podiatrist is the doctor of the feet and ankle. However, nowadays they are involved in the treatment of problems in leg but they are more involved with the feet and ankle. They help in creating chairs, orthotics and other objects to help relieve the pain or discomfort in the feet and ankle areas. They are mostly used by people with disability because podiatrist would help them with rehabilitation.

There are also schemes like ndis podiatry, which strives to help people with disability to regain their life. They are often used in combination with other doctors like general surgeons. They are widely used when people are suffering from diseases like diabetes, obesity and arthritis.


Depending on the country you live in, a psychologist might be listed as a doctor or para-medic. Psychologists are similar to psychiatrist but they indulge in therapy and other treatment to treat mental disorder. They try to avoid or make minimal use of drugs. The drugs used to treat mental disorders have numerous severe side effects which might not be in the subject’s best interest. They also indulge in different forms of counseling and rehabilitation processes.

Natural medicines

There are field of medicine like Ayurvedic medicines, allopathic medicines, homeopathy, which are better than English medicines. Though there is different among them, all of them try to make use of naturally available resources to help treat ailments. For example, they would make use of turmeric powder as a natural antibacterial powder instead of some drugs from the drugstore. Many people have found relief in these types of practices. But, it should be noted that the same remedies is not applicable to everyone.Apart from the above mentioned fields, there are several other fields that are involved in using alternative remedies and propose better lifestyle choices along with natural remedies which have little to no side-effects. It is important to understand that not everyone will be comfortable with the methods and it is up to you to find something that works for you. This does not mean that English medicines are bad choice. In fact, vaccines and post-cures are the reason for several people living to tell stories of their diseases.