Shaving and waxing are conventional ways of hair removal. These methods are extremely painful, time consuming and most importantly, are temporary. Methods such as shaving, if done continuously, could damage your skin in the long run. Laser treatments and other modern methods may require an investment on the part of the individual, but deliver better, longer lasting results than most conventional methods.

There are a considerably large number of laser devices available in the market today, but they all utilize the same fundamental equipment. The number of options range from electrolysis to laser treatments.

Electrolysis involves attacking the root of each hair follicle by injecting a needle into each of hair follicles one by one there by killing the very root of the hair. This option could be extremely painful and not to mention, a long drawn, time consuming process. The advantage of using this process however is that there is a less chance of the hair growing back in the long run.

Laser treatments, such as the process used by candela laser hair removal attack a larger area at a time and are a comparatively a shorter and less painful process than electrolysis. Laser treatments involve delivering a large amount of heat to the hair on the area that is undergoing the treatment. This heat penetrates right down to the root of the hair damaging the hair follicle. The damage to the follicle disables it from growing again. The effect of laser hair removal is seen at its best when used on areas such as the back or legs, where it removes hair from a large area at a time.

The candela laser hair removal process however, when held in comparison to electrolysis, has a shorter lifespan. It is also approved by the FDA as a “permanent hair reduction” not as a method of “permanent hair removal”. This is because after a significant amount of time, the hair follicles damaged by laser treatment could grow back. Electrolysis on the other hand, is a more permanent solution when compared to laser treatment.

Successful laser removal depends on a few areas. The heat used in the laser treatment targets melanin, which is the pigment that gives hair its color; so the more melanin, the more successful your laser hair removal treatment is. So needless to say, laser treatment on light or grey hair would be ineffective when compared to the effect on black or dark hair.

When choosing between the two modern and effective methods of hair removal; namely electrolysis and laser hair removal, your choice should depend on your budget and whether you prefer an option which suits your budget.